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Dear Family and Friends –

There are so many of you, and so few hours in the day. How will we ever keep you up to date with what is going on here in Tennessee? How can we get the same message to everyone at once without adding to the stress of normal life? Trust me when I say we have had great intentions of sending out Christmas newsletters. Then they turn into New Year newsletters. What about an Easter newsletter?! Better make that a Labor Day newsletter… What?! It’s Christmas-time again? Better start the newsletter! And the cycle continues. I can even remember a few years where cards were actually made and/or addressed and they still never got out!

Enter Technology! “I know!”, says Scott, the nerd. “Let’s start a website! Everyone can come, and see pictures and find out what’s going on, etc.! It’ll be great!”. Well, we’ve had Comcast for three years now, and although we have space with our names on it, alas, it too has gone the way of the newsletter.

What we need is a quick and easy way to create “snapshots” of our life so that people can see what’s going on. Sometimes it’s short. Sometimes its long. It has some pictures. If only there was some way for us to journal, and then give everyone access to that journal. “Wait!”, Scott the nerd says. “That sounds an awful lot like blogging!”. Melinda crinkles her nose. “What in the world is ‘blogging'”?. “Oh! It’s great”, says Scott. “You can journal, and add pictures, and it can be short, or long. And people can come and visit and see what’s going on in our lives!”.

Hence – our blog! A place where it’s “always wintertime”! (Get it?!) We can give some updates, and you can stop by at your leisure and catch up with us. You can also post comments, that way you we can interact with each other, too! A HUGE advantage over a website. What is our goal? Well, it will be short, or long. It will have some pictures. You get the idea. This will be a web log (Get it?!) of our lives and you can jump in at any time and see what’s up. It’s our elusive Christmas newsletter, but on a consistent basis. No tinsel necessary! 😉

What our blog is not… It’s not profound (we aren’t trying to impress anyone). It’s not deep (hey it’s our lives – this is as deep as it gets!). This is the mundane stuff we would talk about if we had the chance to sit around the table over a cup of coffee with nothing better to do than catch up. Better yet, if you lived next door (wouldn’t that be wonderful?!) this is the stuff you would hear about every day.

We would love to hear from you! Post a comment and tell us what you think! We will try and update this as regularly as possible, so come back often.

  • VA Greens

    ok, I’d love to comment but can’t seem to get this silly thing to work. Sounds like a great idea in theory, but I don’t have a nerd in this house to help me figure out how to get started!

  • Jill

    This could be the beginning of a great long distance relationship!I like it. Very mid two thousands. 🙂

    I attempted to post my comment and got sucked into creating my own blog. Not sure how that happened. I have a cute blog name though, not as whitty as “Always wintertime”, but I like it for a spur of the moment kinda thang!

    So, you need to keep in touch with sooo many people?? That is family , right? Because I know you don’t have that many friends. Only me n Dave. Right? Who needs more? We can meet all of your friendship needs. Yep, that’s right! 🙂 Long distance or not. We are just good friends that way.


  • Mary Jo

    What a great idea! I wonder if we’re your closest next-door neighbors by being in Memphis, TN?? Matt and I are excited to watch and learn what the Winters are up to! Hey, and by the way, I love your design on the front page! 🙂 Very cool from this graphic design nerd married to a computer nerd.

  • Melinda Winter

    Thanks for coming to visit! We are looking forward to keeping up this way!

  • Matt G.

    Very cool idea and a great way to keep in touch. Back in college, I had a friend of mine call me a geek because I spent a lot of time on something called a “chat board.” Within the next year, he was spending more time on it than I was. So this isn’t nerdy at all. You are just the trend setter for Winter/Green families. 🙂

  • Jill

    Scott, Can you reccommend a web cam for comacst video email?

  • Anonymous

    Charlene said,
    computer out with a whatever!
    do love this blog! now I will
    need the presence of 4 children
    with significant others plus
    grandchildren to teach me this
    system. Melinda, Scott

  • Anonymous

    Well, this is better than the last pictures we haven’t gotten!

    At least I know you are thinking of us!

    Doughnuts keep us too tired to complain …

  • Pastor

    What a neat web page! Great job. Would you be interested in helping out with the church website? Writing articles, keeping info current, etc.??

    Let me know.