FREE Music!

In the last week or so, I’ve had several links come my way for some free music. Most of this is Christmas music, but it’s free! I thought as an early Christmas present to you, I would share the links. Did I mention the music was FREE! 🙂

  • Amazon’s 25 Days of Free Christmas – Each day reveals a new Christmas MP3 for you to download. Although it is in Amazon’s MP3 format, you can download a little manager that will import the songs into iTunes or Windows Media Player.

WARNING! When I was first given this link the songs seemed harmless, but Amazon has slipped in some, ahem, “interesting” songs. Your level of comfort may differ, but I wouldn’t let kids get on here without supervision. I was a little miffed that bands like Casting Crowns and Jars of Clay were lumped into the pot with some of this “music”, but my friend Jeff Brown had this to say about it “I think it’s absolutely fantastic that in the midst of downloading free songs, the average user (and probably not a believer) is exposed to Christian music they’d likely never otherwise hear.” Great perspective, Jeff. Thank you.

  • iTunes Holiday Sampler – a GREAT collection of Christmas songs, most of them by artists you actually know! This one you, obviously, have to use iTunes for.
  • Fisher Christmas MP3’s – Until now, I had never heard (or heard of) this band before, but based on these songs I can’t wait to pick up a couple (or all) of their albums. These are MP3’s. Use, as you will, in any MP3 player.
  • David Archuleta Free Christmas Song – no link for this one, but if you take a look at the iTunes free song this week (they do one every week), it is David’s version of “Joy to the World”.
  • INO Records Free Music Sampler – Although not Christmas, there is some good Christian music here. Another one that requires iTunes.

I hope you enjoy these! Feel free to share if you have any others I may not of heard of.

As a closing question: What is your favorite Christmas song/carol/album?

  • Shary

    My favorite Christmas Album of all time is Michael Card’s “The Promise”. I could listen to it every day during the month. The music is beautiful and the words are deep and insightful.

    We’ve just begun listening to Tran Siberian Orchestra. We all enjoy that one.

    • Scott D. Winter

      LOVE “The Promise”! It’s definitely in my Christmas playlist!

  • I didn’t realize until today that you’d linked to me on your blog (both in your Blogroll and in this post). Thank you for that. I really appreciate it.

    Thanks too, Scott, for your kind words regarding my thoughts on the Amazon downloads. While I still feel now the way I did then, I do also understand and appreciate your perspective (and your warning). I agree that adult supervision is in order.

    • Scott D. Winter

      No problem, Jeff. I hope the three people that read my blog will get to yours, which is WAY (no pun intended) better.